hi, i'm bao! i'm a vietnamese-american, (mostly) self taught, new york based photographer and videographer from houston, texas (yee-haw!)

i'm inspired by seedy motels, fast food drive-throughs, and long drives in the countryside. 

my work is focused on the concept of performance, dedicated to diversity, and inspired by cinema.

portrait of me (left) by louie tobin
hand lettered logo by sophie peoples

group exhibitions:
camp gallery - summer pals - july 2016 - montreal, canada.
dye house 451 - what does our future hold? - january 2017 - london, UK.

samantha pleet (USA)
margarita mermaid (mexico)
mree (USA)
evgenia lingerie (USA)
she loves dresses (USA)
faelyn lingerie (USA)
the lingerie addict (USA)
adult mom (USA)
peche lingerie (USA)
hooligan magazine (USA)
act three apparel (canada)
polyester zine (UK)


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